1.: Service: Know How
  ·Key for Huibo's success is a unique approach:"Chips testing without schematic diagram"
  ·We test defect chips and boards on- and off-line by checking each component separately
  ·Thus we can repair the defect part fast and cost effective

2.: Service: Equipment
  ·To test and check defect boards we have all necessary equipment, e.g.:
  ·Oscilloscopes, digital and analog
  ·Signal generators
  ·IC In-Circuit Tester
  ·Logic Analyzer
  ·Frequency Tester
  ·Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance Tester

3.: Service
  ·In the 21st century the service industry will become an import economic factor also in China
  ·Customer orientation and excellent service is one of the important elements for our success
  ·The quality of our service is based on the quality of our staff, defined by education and ongoing training
  ·Huibo has also the best equipment in this industry
  ·Huibo can diagnose and resolve problems in automatic production lines
  ·We repair in our workshops as well as at our clients facilities
  ·We also prepare drawings and plans for further maintenance
  ·Furthermore we conduct trainings for our customers
  ·Huibo’s service has tremendous advantages for our customers.
  ·We can repair most equipments (see list under customers/click)
  ·Our repair work normally can be completed within 2 to 5 days; in emergency cases within 1 day
  ·In average costs are only at 20 to 30% of a new part
  ·We provide a guarantee of 6 months
  ·Contact us if you have any questions (click)
Beijjing HuiBoShiDai technology CO.,LTD